Megaman Offices & Showroom

PROJECT: Megaman Offices & Showroom
TYPE: Showroom & Offices
LOCATION: Thessaloniki, Greece
SIZE: 5888.33 m2
TEAM: Yiannos Vrousgos + Input Creative Studio

Photography: Efi Panagoula

The design for the Megaman headquarters and lighting showroom in Thessaloniki, Greece features bold statements designed to highlight the brands’ main principles. 

The programmatic needs of the space consist of a showroom, reception area, closed and open offices and a warehouse. These needs were incorporated into the design through the location of the structures main axis. Following this axis best utilizes the space by creating natural and inviting areas. 

Custom elements, such as a double height glass container, steel forged staircase and a suspended plexi-glass tunnel reinforce the brand through a unique interpretation of their graphics and sustainable message. The double height container is located behind the reception desk and houses recycled light bulbs, displaying past technology illuminated by led lighting. Alluding to the company’s hexagonal logo, the design of the stairs features a deconstructed hexagon with grass planted below. Finally, one is drawn into the showroom through the “Life in Light” tunnel. The design of which references the company’s logo through an illumined tunnel that is suspended from the ceiling, leading one to a number of sales points and product displays.