OPERATIONS Meatpacking

TYPE: Clothing Retail Store
LOCATION: Meatpacking District, NY
TEAM: Yiannos Vrousgos + Input Creative Studio
STATUS: Complete

The new OPERATIONS store is located in a landmark building in the Meat packing district of New York City.
The second flagship store for the brand, the space needed to incorporate four distinct elements into its design-- the company philosophy, the evolution of the brand, the history of the building and its neighborhood, and the ideal showcasing for the product.
The concept started with the idea of an office located in a factory setting. Through the combination of refined office furniture, crude metals, and echos of heavy machinery the ideal design was attained.
The existing brick, dating back to the 1840’s, was left exposed to further solidify the concept. Industrial palette racks serve as merchandise display while a recovered 21’ conveyor belt paired with a clear glass slab divides the space and doubles as additional display surface. An existing closet from 1950’s was expanded to provide built-in display for various products while allowing the space to remain true to its past and creating the appropriate aesthetic for the client.