Swims Pop-Up Symi

PROJECT: Swims Pop-Up Symi
TYPE: Retail
LOCATION: Symi Island, Greece
TEAM: Yiannos Vrousgos + Input Creative Studio
COLLABORATORS: Photography: Yiannos Vrousgos
STATUS: Complete

The second in series of Swims Pop Up stores; the design of the Symi store merged historical restoration with clean lines and local materials. 

Located directly on the water front in Symi, a historic island in Greece, the design of the store embraces the boating lifestyle of the both the Swims brand and the surrounding environment.

The first phase of this project, consisted of the historical restoration of the buildings Neo-classical façade and interior.  The color story is reminiscent of the traditional colors used in the rest of the island. The materials used on the interior are local and consist of marine grade plywood, nautical rope and teak decking for the floor.  An exterior wall has been covered in strawberry crates and features a neon sign; unifying it with the first store and creating a sense of entrance.

Through the juxtaposition of old and new, historic and modern and casual elegance; the ideal backdrop for the Swims brand has been created.