115 Stanwix Street

PROJECT : 115 Stanwix Street
TYPE : Multi-Family Residential
LOCATION : Brooklyn, NY
SIZE : 106,827 Sq. Ft. / 136 Units
TEAM : Input Creative Studio
STATUS : Completed

Project: The interior of a new, luxury residential apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn, encompassing 136 units as well as common areas that include a movie theater, kids’ playroom, basement lounge, pool room, workspace, café, exercise room, and rooftop garden, and sundeck. 

Concept:  The design of this building harkens back to the glamour and grit of New York City during the roaring 20’s, an era known for Prohibition, the flowering of Jazz, and the elegance of nightclubs like the Cotton Club and the Savoy. The tone of the building is set by the vaulted brick ceiling in the black and white lobby, which recollects the architecture of a secret speakeasy. This is a traditional design with fresh, modern twists. Every detail is aimed at creating a micro-community within the envelope of the building. 

Functionality: A screen in the lobby introduces a custom app that allows occupants to speak to neighbors in the building. The flow of the building sweeps occupants into social interactions within its public spaces. The stairway—an elegant, soft, French curve—serves to entice people downward into shared experiences in the basement, which evokes an underground club.  Within the apartments, which echo the retro glamour of the whole building, occupants can use Alexa or smartphones to control their environments, from the thermostat to speakers, security, shades, and more.

Key Points:

  • At the center of the basement lounge—filled with leather clubhouse couches and intimate booths where people can converse, dine or play pool—is a fiber-optic “hearth” of changing colors, the warm heart of a gathering place.

  • In the movie theater, details like red velvet curtains and brass sconces evoke Old New York grandeur, but the over-scale, stepped seating is thoroughly of-the-moment. 

  • For those seeking privacy in the public lounge, there are retro phone booths into which one can bring a cell phone or other device.